June 20


1. National Association of Realtors® now agrees that the current broker structure is broken.

By Brandon

June 20, 2016

We all start out using a traditional broker because that’s the way it’s always been done. Rather than attempting to fix these archaic issues it’s time to break out of the mold and get started building your own brokerage and brand. First, let’s look at what the NAR sees as the biggest issues facing brokers and team leaders, and how Broker BreakUp solves these concerns.

It’s all about the money!

Disputes over fees are some of the most common among brokers. Brokers often times take a hard line with fees such as desk fees or administrators that may not even be making sales or they may charge so much that it is difficult for a team lead to get a growing business off the ground.

At Broker BreakUp, you don’t have to worry about the cost of adding a new team member or what your split is on the next property. Our model is simple, a one-time setup fee of $1500 gets your brand off the ground. After that, it’s your business and there are no more fees!

What is your role?

Most team leaders are unsure of what their role is vs what the role of the broker should be. This can be an issue in times where a new or growing business needs direction. Also, when bringing in new team members it is important to know who they should be consulting with their questions.

When you start your own brand with Broker BreakUp there is no question of who the roles are. It is your business, if you have questions we are here to help but the team will look to you for guiding their success. We see the solution to the role problem as very straightforward, eliminate the extra role of Broker. You’re in charge of your business.

Reinventing the wheel.

Many times team leads are frustrated by the complexity of setting up a new team. As the NAR mentions in the article Brokers are, “sometimes less than helpful in the face of difficult decisions, such as whether to make team members employees or independent contractors or whether contract templates are available for team leaders to customize.”

Broker BreakUp has been helping our clients overcome this complaint since we opened our doors. What we are able to offer is a non-financial partner who can help guide you through these difficult decisions and offer sound business advice that comes from over 20 years of experience. At Broker BreakUp, we believe now is the time to close the knowing vs doing gap. It’s time to take action and not just start your own brand, but do it right.

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About the author

Brent Porter brings a decade of extensive knowledge of the real estate industry across the real estate life cycle. He began his career with C-III Asset Management, formerly ARCAP, where he managed distressed CMBS debt and spearheaded loan workout strategies by means of modifications, bankruptcy, or foreclosure. While at C-III, he participated in the largest B-piece CMBS buy-out in the nation. He later transitioned to Hudson Americas Real Estate LLC, a global affiliate of Private Equity firm Lone Star Funds. There, he served as North America-Asset Manager where he was responsible for operational value-add and monetization of +100MM in distressed CRE assets including multi-family, office, and retail properties across the country and was promoted to Vice President. Most recently, he held the position of Director of Asset Management at Invitation Homes, an affiliate of Blackstone. While at Invitation Homes, he developed the platform necessary to purchase, rehab, and operate $10B in single-family real estate assets. He also brought the first single-family rental backed securitization to market, and helped to consolidate the SFR market under Invitation Homes

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